G2K Glasgow to Kathmandu. Leaving Glasgow George Square Sat 27 Sep at 09.00

Well what am I waiting for?

I have got the visas for Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

Inoculations are up to date and I have travel insurance.

Flat is rented out.

Handover job on Monday.

Carnet will arrive by Wednesday.

So I am coming up from London next week then leaving for my big trip on Saturday 27 September at 09.00 from George Square, Glasgow.

I aim to get to Durbar Square Kathmandu by the second week in November.

I am raising money for Child Welfare Scheme Nepal who help disadvantaged children. You can get more info at Child Welfare Scheme – Welcome to CWS.

I will be riding my sky blue Triumph Bonneville called Asha. Asha means luck and hope in Hindi.

You need a lot of luck and hope to ride bikes around South Asia!

My route is down to Dover, across the channel to France, Switzerland, Italy, over the Adriatic to Greece.

Through Greece to Istanbul, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, then to Nepal.

I will have a blog set up by next week and will write it up as and when I can.

If anyone has questions about the journey so far: carnets, bike preparation, India, and Nepal….Don’t hesitate to ask.

I was trying to start from the HUGS weekend, but I couldn’t get away from work. Please accept my apologies.

We hope to see you on the road,

Ferg & AshaBlue

PS One week to go and I feel like I am going on my first date: excited, nervous, into the unknown…Wonderful! Oh and please don’t forget to donate at http://www.justgiving.com/g2k

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4 Responses to “G2K Glasgow to Kathmandu. Leaving Glasgow George Square Sat 27 Sep at 09.00”

  1. Ruth Says:

    hey, where are you and Asha blue?
    looking for updates on your progress/adventures and hope all well.

  2. Tapas Says:

    Hope you are not stuck at a pub in the United Kingdom!

  3. adil ertaş Says:

    hope all is well with u and asha and u are enjoying yur journey.

    adil ertaş
    motorist friend istanbul

  4. adil ertaş Says:

    wish ı were going to katmandu again. dont forget to watch the ceremony
    of the closing boarder gates between ındıa and pakistan.

    good luck.. inşallah we meet on yur return.

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