G2K Fergus has less than 24 hours left until he departs…

Glasgow, I am still only in Glasgow.

Well, it is down to 24 hours before I leave Glasgow and I feel as if I am at the top of giant roller coaster just about to go over the edge.

I arrived here in Glasgow on Wednesday. I thought I would have a pleasant ride up, amble through the Lake District, and up and over the Southern Uplands to Glasgow.

But no.

I stopped off to fill up with petrol just inside Scotland and had I had three missed calls from Radio Clyde. I phoned my contact Lesley who was frantic and wanted to interview me about G2K as soon as possible. So I got up to Glasgow as fast as I could.

So on the way up I practiced my lines:

In Nepal 3 out of 4 people don’t have access to primary health care.

1 in 11 children won’t reach their fifth birthday.

3.2 million children are forced to work as child labouers.

Child Welfare Scheme Nepal’s mission is to improve health, education, and social opportunity for disadvantaged children.

We can build schools, health posts, and bridges. But remember it is the people. It is always about the people.

However, as soon as I arrived at Radio Clyde I was rushed into a studio, a pair of headphones placed on my head, and straight into the interview. It seemed to be overt in seconds and didn’t get to say anything about the charity.

I was then taken into the newsroom where there was no sitting around chatting, but I managed to tell Lucy, Lesley had gone home, to not forget to mention the charity in the pre-amble to the interview.

Before I could say do you want a follow up when I am back out in the car park. Ah’ being an adventure motorcyclist isn’t all glamour.

It will be broadcast on Radio Clyde on Saturday morning at nine.

People have been concerned about the countries I am travelling through: Iran and Pakistan. Hey I live in South London for crying out loud! I was on Manhatten on September the 11th and last year in Rajistan a bomb went off killing scores of people. So what can I say?

There is a piece in Peter Mathisson’s book the Snow Leopard about a traveller who climbs up a high pass between two villages.

On the summit he asks an old monk what the town is like down in the valley. The monk asks him how the last village was. The traveller tells him that the last village was full of drunks and debauchery. The monk replies that the next village will be the same.

Just be you and be open to what ever comes along.

If anyone has seen Apocalypse Now (a modern day take on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness set in the Vietnam war). then they will know where I got the line: “Glasgow, I am still only in Glasgow” from.

This is not a journey into the darkness, but to make new friends, marvel at their culture, and have some wonderful experiences.

It is said that tourists don’t know where they are and travellers don’t know where they are going.

Hey but we know! We are off to Kathmandu!

Thank you all for your generous support and encouragement.

Roll on tomorrow morning.

Fergus & AshaBlue

PS I have to get back to the house as I am awaiting the arrival of a package from Tapas a collegue of mine.
He studied medicine at the same college as the President of Nepal. The college is celebrating 185 years and a special tie has been produced.
Tapas would like me to present the President with the tie. That should be fun!

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2 Responses to “G2K Fergus has less than 24 hours left until he departs…”

  1. Grant Says:

    Just met you at the Coach House Southwell, good luck with the trip.. very envious.. i’ll get my Harley out tomorrow in celebration ­čÖé

  2. adil erta┼č Says:

    hope all is well with u and and enjoy─▒ng yur joutney.
    1 more ─▒mportant point. enter pakistan early ─▒n the morn─▒ng, ride fast and never stop until u reach quetta city..
    good luck

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