Charity biker goes long way round(BBC)

A Scot is riding his Triumph motorcycle from Glasgow to Kathmandu to raise funds for child welfare in Nepal.

Fergus Anderson, who is originally from the city, set off from George Square at 0900 BST on Saturday.

His route will pass through England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India.

He aims to reach Durbar Square, in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, by early November. All funds raised will go to Child Welfare Scheme Nepal.

Mr Anderson said he had been inspired to do the trip after going to a lecture in Nepal in the 1990s given by a German civil engineer who had ridden back home to Bavaria from India, Nepal and Afghanistan on 10 separate occasions.

Troops of monkeys

He added: “It really got my imagination going and I have wanted to do this trip ever since. Some people want to climb Everest, some people want the ideal job, some just want the girl at the bus stop that they see everyday to turn round and smile.

“I will be riding my sky blue Triumph Bonneville called Asha. Asha means luck and hope in Hindi. You need a lot of luck and hope to ride bikes around south Asia.

“The traffic is, let’s say, not so disciplined as here in the UK. On my ride to work I don’t have to dodge troops of monkeys, herds of water buffalo, and three trucks in line abreast all coming towards me, as happened to me on my trip down to Kerala [in India] a few years ago.”

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