The greatest journey starts with a single kickstart

Sat 27 Sep 08

I arrived at George Square Glasgow at around 8.30 in the morning. George Square was named after King George III who was ever so slightly mad. To start off on this journey of mine maybe I am also a bit crazy.

Suddenly, however, a lady came striding towards me. ‘Are you Fergus Anderson?’ She asked. ‘I certainly am’, I replied.  G2K had been on Radio Clyde, Real Radio and Telext. She asked if I owned care homes and if I was in my sixties. Sadly not on both cases I told her.

She had got the wrong Fergus Anderson and strode of in the direction of Queen Street Station.

My cousins Sheila and Alaisdair, the two Colins, and Ewen came a long to see me off.

We chatted for awhile waiting for 9 o’clock to come.

I thought back about all the hardwork that has gone into getting this point. The visas, preparing the bike, working out routes, getting the press on side, it goes on and on.

I thought back to when I organised Terai Challenge in Nepal. The Terai is the flat lands area bordering India in southern Nepal. Terai Challenge ‘a journey along the floor of the roof of the world’ was a sponsored relay mountain bike ride to raise funds for an orphanage.

It took so long to organise and so many elements had to be in place.  I needed two Land Rovers (one with a winch), a medic, mechanic for the vehicles, three riders and so on.

However, in January 1997 everything was in place and we set off for Mahendranager in the far west of Nepal. We arrived around eleven in the morning and set up camp.

After lunch one of my team asked if we could start the ride now and return to camp when it got dark. I said of course.

I am not ashamed to say that I had a tear in my eye. It didn’t matter if we failed in our endeavor we had got to the point of starting.

We subsequently completed the ride in three days. It is all about having a go.

Nine o’clock came and I left George Square and Colin and Ewen escorted me out of Glasgow on to the main road south to England.

I had started.

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