G2K – succesfully arrived in Kathmandu on 3 November 2008 at 9.00pm



Ian and I are very exhausted after the excesses of India, but are ellated to finally getting to Kathmandu. Lewis Hamilton had it easy – they are driving
in the same direction.

For the last four days we were riding up to 14 hours a day to get to the Nepalese border where a reception committee was
waiting for us from Child Welfare Scheme – very humbling…

We met Karandip and his father who are descendants of the Maharaja of Patiala. They and their families very kindly wined and dined us for two days in their wonderful house
in Chandigarh – thank you.

So time was running out to meet our deadline of reaching the border at 11.00am on Monday 3 November 2008.

We got to the border in good time and a Nepalese police inspector got us through customs and passport control in no time at all!

After a welcoming reception and a lunch in Bhairhawa we rode up through the mountains reaching Kathmandu at 9pm. After sorting out a room we
retired to Sam’s Bar for a few beers.

Yesterday’s headache was one of my more memorable hangovers.

However, I was asked to give a presentation to the British Ambassador Dr Andrew Hall followed by a press conference – that sure concentrates the

Ian and I are having a couple of days off before riding through to Pokhara in west Nepal on Saturday. On Monday we are visiting CWSN projects which
include the Asha Clinic, the JYOTI Vocational Training Centre, and a street project which helps homeless children.

I aim by the weekend to have the blog updated and photographs added. The one of us taken at the border covered in tika and Tibetan
scarfs is definetely worth seeing!

Please don’t forget I am raising funds for Child Welfare Scheme Nepal and feel free to donate to the justgiving site!


Fergus & Ian

One Response to “G2K – succesfully arrived in Kathmandu on 3 November 2008 at 9.00pm”

  1. Kathleen Hansen Says:

    Oh Fergie,
    Your dream…you did it!!! How wonderful and amazing. I’ll read the whole blog when I have a quiet evening. But just reading your arrival in Nepal brought back some great memories. Well done! Best of success with the child welfare scheme.

    Much love,

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